Friday, 23 January 2009

Prevention is often the best approach

During the past months, I have devoted time to read five popular health books. The books contain altogether hundreds of health-enhancing ideas, all falling under the principle that it is less effort to work at keeping well than trying to regain your health once you get sick.

Some recommendations from the books were contradictory or too impractical for someone leading a normal life, but I have picked up eleven ideas which looked sensible to me. I am no medical doctor and I have no clue if these recommendations will really have a positive effect, but I am ready to give them a try myself.

1. Take vitamin C.
2. Eat fruit.
3. Drink green tea.
4. Eat nuts.
5. Eat fish.
6. Walk or cycle every day.
7. Cook with extra virgin olive oil.
8. Eat skinless chicken or turkey.
9. Keep your weight stable at your optimum level.
10. Eat legumes and vegetables.
11. Use garlic, oregano, and cinnamon.


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