Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Twenty five benefits of the economic recession

These are twenty five benefits of the economic recession. Any worsening of economic conditions will only magnify these positive aspects. Ignore the doom and gloom. These are times of great opportunity. Here is why.

  1. Shares of great companies are dirt cheap. Now it's the best time to invest.
  2. Many rental property trusts with stable cash flow and high dividends are low priced for investors.
  3. Industrial assets, such as second-hand machinery, can be purchased at deep discounts. Those assets can be immediately put to profitable use in growing economies like China.
  4. Lower rents have reduced the cost of re-locating to take up a better job.
  5. Studying has become cheaper and there is an increasing number of choices.
  6. A lower valuation of assets makes easier to discard past mistakes, to throw away what does not work, and to move on.
  7. If you live in a country with a rapidly depreciating currency, you can make good profits by simply moving your savings into a hard currency.
  8. You can enjoy deep discounts in holiday packages.
  9. Less capital is required to start up a business. If you are planning to rent retail space, you can get two months for free in some depressed areas.
  10. Travelling abroad, specially for a long-term stay, has also become cheaper. This is the ideal situation for taking up a job in a foreign country or for learning a new language.
  11. An economic recession educates children in the values of self-reliance, perseverance, and simplicity.
  12. If galloping inflation replaces depressed prices, you can benefit by investing in precious metals.
  13. A reputation of honesty and reliability becomes especially valuable in difficult economic times, since customers are unwilling to try out new suppliers.
  14. Fancy, artificial approaches will be replaced by modesty and efficiency. This trend will add value to the economy and to our lives.
  15. Less consumption means less distractions, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.
  16. Slow sales allow time for reading, reflecting, and establishing your optimum strategy for the future.
  17. If your purchasing power is stagnant, you have no longer a reason to hang on to an occupation that does not fully satisfy you. Barriers for change have been lowered.
  18. Restaurants are cheaper. This is the best time for social activities, meeting new people, or joining clubs or associations in your areas of interest.
  19. Some businesses can be acquired for little cash. If you are willing to take the step, this is a great time to take over a business cheaply.
  20. During an economic recession, media noise becomes overwhelming. Rationality in your professional and private life becomes even more valuable.
  21. Erasing personal mistakes has become cheaper. If you are considering divorce, you could save some money now.
  22. Having the right personal habits (such as saving regularly) becomes even more profitable in an economic recession.
  23. Other people's mistakes are reported daily all over the place. This is the perfect time to learn from them and teach your children.
  24. The dark side of false heroes has become even more apparent these days. This is a great time for reinstating rational values.
  25. An economic recession multiplies the value of a long-term vision in any endeavour. Time can grow today's cheap investment or training into a great future success.
[Text: http://johnvespasian.blogspot.com]

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