Thursday, 26 February 2009

There is no future in repeating the past

Every morning, I remind myself that there is no future in repeating the past. After some years of doing this, the message is beginning to sink in. I am now becoming more adept to listening to truths extracted from past mistakes.

In my kitchen, I keep a battered red spiral notebook where I write down principles I should not forget. As I continue to fill its pages, I realize how often I record the same messages. Will I ever learn to...
  • Never expect someone else to solve my problems
  • Concentrate on work I love.
  • Ignore silly rules and preposterous expectations
  • Don't waste my resources
  • Mix fun and productivity in every task
  • View mistakes as learning experiences
  • Drop false ideas that keep me paralysed
  • Design my own future and colour my own dreams
  • Avoid nasty and deranged individuals
  • Delegate as much as I can
  • Devote more time to my close friends
  • Seek creative alternatives in every situation
  • Turn off the news (which are always pretty much the same as the day before)
  • Learn to see everything in perspective
  • Read my favourite books more frequently
  • Lose my car keys and take long walks
  • Spend more time thinking about what's important
  • Never expect magic
  • Mistrust first impressions
  • Pursue my goals relentlessly
  • Prevent problems so that they never happen
  • Cook and enjoy wonderful food
  • Escape noise, conflict, and nonsense
  • Remind myself that, in the end, time is all I have

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