Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Get out of losing situations (Part 3 of 3)

In this sense, each of us should acquire the habit of not volunteering personal information. There is little advantage in providing details of our private life to strangers, colleagues at work, employers, suppliers, or anyone who does not belong to our circle of close friends. Why should you give anyone the power to use that information against you?

Rudeness is rarely necessary to protect your privacy. Giving a vague reply to prying questions is usually sufficient. In most cases, people will accept your reluctance to provide personal details and change the subject. Find polite ways to show your determination to protect your private life; it is easier than you think and it might spare you trouble down the road.

A second habit that you should acquire is saving regularly, if possible, every month. Accumulating a financial cushion will do wonders to help you get out of losing situations. Savings protect your peace of mind and personal freedom.

Even when subjected to intensive pressure, a man who possesses savings won't be easily tempted to engage in doubtful business practices. Instead, he can use his accumulated resources to quit his unpleasant job and search for a new position.

You don't need to be a millionaire in order to escape losing situations. A little financial foresight will do. If you save regularly every month, it should not take you too long to accumulate a financial reserve to help you get through difficult times.

Establish a monthly savings goal for yourself and stick to it until you reach your desired level of safety. By adopting simple measures such as this and implementing them consistently, you will improve your ability to deal with problems and get out of losing situations.


[Image by Dan Queiroz under Creative Commons Attribution License. See the license terms under]