Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The discovery of effective truths (Part 3 of 3)

[2] Irritation should make way for constructive action. Imagine that, after suffering some minor abuse or discrimination, you have become enraged, lusting for revenge. The sweet lie is that someone is going to come to fix the world and put an end to unfairness.

The effective truth is that everybody makes mistakes and that it is seldom worth it to devote your time to correcting other people's minor faults. Put the unpleasant story out of your mind and move on. Apply your efforts to pursuing your goals, not to telling people off.

[3] Passive acceptance should be replaced by a workable plan: Put yourself in the shoes of someone who gets divorced in his mid-forties and moves to a new house. The sweet lie is that, for this man, it feels good to hang around his old friends and be comforted for the difficulties that he is encountering.

Maybe they will introduce him to someone nice who will put his life back on track. Otherwise, he will just have to get used to leading a life of loneliness, won't he? The effective truth is that he needs to make a workable plan to rebuild his life. Should he join a health club? Should he use on-line dating to meet a new romantic partner?

[4] Postponement should make way for entrepreneurship: Imagine that you practice a beloved hobby that you would like to turn into a source of income. Unfortunately, everybody is telling you that you should not take any risks at your age. The sweet lie is that your best chance of success is to stay put in your job until you reach retirement age.

The effective truth is that it takes a long time to establish any sort of business. The sooner you start your entrepreneurial career, the better off you'll be in the long term. Postponement does not reduce risk. A sensible approach would be to start up your business on the side, devoting it your evenings and weekends.

In every single case, falsehood delays progress. Do not allow wrong ideas to park your projects for years. Do not be contented with sweet lies that will waste your life. Throw away misrepresentations and adopt an entrepreneurial attitude towards life. Action solves problems; endless waiting only keeps you down.


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