Sunday, 1 August 2010

Learning from people who never get the blues
(Part 1 of 6)

If you want to pursue ambitious goals, your best ally will be resilience, not luck. Numerous are the men and women who start their careers full of enthusiasm, only to succumb to the first difficulties. The path leading to great achievement seldom runs straight. Detours are inevitable when impregnable obstacles stand on the way.

Healthy individual psychology depends more on steadiness of character than on a sunny disposition. Those who smile when misfortune strikes cannot be trusted with challenging tasks. Those who laugh in the face of disgrace lack empathy, benevolence, and humanity.

A wise man does not allow adverse circumstances to discourage him. When he encounters obstructions, he applies his creativity to seek passage. He faces difficulties with confidence and courage, while he strives to avoid wishful thinking and groundless optimism.

His resilience is based on a realistic assessment of his possibilities; his constancy, on the knowledge that perseverance can overcome disasters; his prudence, on the experience of past troubles; his alertness, on the wish to take advantage of opportunity.

To be continued in Part 2


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