Monday, 2 August 2010

Learning from people who never get the blues
(Part 2 of 6)

Thousands of individuals across the world never get the blues. You can become one of them if you adopt an entrepreneurial mentality in all areas of your life. Initiative and creativity will serve you well in private and business matters. They will help you in your dealings with friends as much as in those with customers.

Can you increase your resilience? Is it possible to render yourself immune to low spirits? What steps can to take to get rid of fears and doubts? A steady temper is the consequence of a person's history and convictions. The former are influenced by chance; the latter, determined by one's will.

Use rationality to develop your resilience. Those who think logically rarely fall prey to anxiety; those who view life with perspective are not affected by depression. Their beliefs are anchored in reality; their actions, aligned with essential truths, which include:
  1. A fair assessment of the impact of time on human affairs.
  2. Understanding the long-term effects of consistent behaviour.
  3. A desire to avoid waste and economize resources.
  4. Perception of the asymmetry of markets.
  5. Relentless curiosity and interest in learning.
To be continued in Part 3


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