Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Learning from people who never get the blues (Part 4 of 6)

[2] Understanding the long-term effects of consistent behaviour: animals such as cats and dogs show occasional persistence, but they cannot make plans and implement them consistently. Steadiness of purpose is a uniquely human characteristic that constitutes the essential foundation of serenity.

The pursuit of long-term ambitions multiplies the effectiveness of human action. Determination turns prototypes into marketable products. Resolve transforms ideas into profitable businesses. Experienced men know the advantages of following an unvarying course. The way to preserve your peace of mind is to place your goals above short-term adversity.

[3] A desire to avoid waste and economize resources: complaining to those who cannot solve your difficulties represents a waste of energy and time. In contrast, people who never get the blues have learned to concentrate their efforts on finding solutions.

The longer you conserve your resources, the faster you will overcome adversity. Individuals who manage to protect their physical and material assets can look confidently at the future. On the contrary, those who dilapidate their qualities and possessions fear the day when their luck will change.

To be continued in Part 5


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