Sunday, 31 July 2011

Using reason to contest overblown concerns (Part 7 of 8)

We worry about risks that have been exaggerated by marketeers trying to promote their products or services.

Those who sell pension plans frequently paint grim pictures of retired people living in poverty and rightly so. There is no reason why salesmen should refrain from offering their insurance policies, but it is up to us to appraise risks according to their true gravity.

The next time that you hesitate between taking action or staying put, do not make a decision until you have assessed all facts.

Make an effort to discard emotions that might be polluting your perception. Quantify the positive and negative aspects; weigh off the severity of risks with the likelihood of their occurrence.

To be continued in the next post.


[Image by Serge Melki under Creative Commons Attribution License. See the license terms under]