Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How to move to the next station

I was once a kid who turned around to ask strangers in the crowd, what should I choose, where should I go, but wrong directions got me lost in the snow. Someone must know, someone should tell every chicken when to break the shell. Maybe a wise old man in Tibet or Brazil, I sought long and far, but I found nil. Time passed and I grew tall but insecure, since for my curiosity, there was no cure, always on the look for a sign I could trust, to determine what I should and what I must.

Please, Sir, may I, under conditions, work day and night and hold some ambitions? I posed my question, found no audition, never got a chance to ask for permission. "Without credentials, all doors are closed," I was told repeatedly by friends and foes, but since we live in times of transition, I shrugged my shoulders and forgot tradition.

"Without contacts, you cannot succeed," I was told by experienced men of every breed, but since I was too busy to submit a petition, I just moved on to the next position. From all the people that I've left behind, I have never seen one who was able to find the strength and passion to go on a mission for which there was no clear price of admission.

On some occasions, I have really wondered if I was on my way to make a huge blunder, but both my feelings and my volition tell me that now it's too late to ask for permission. So here I am, so close to the top, after turning every doubt into an early crop. Would I have pushed my dreams to fruition if I had waited for the right disposition?

It is through your mistakes that you will learn that nothing is more precious than what you earn. It is what you do that deserves recognition, not what you give up due to imposition. It is through your actions that you will see if your goals are worth paying the fee. Are you ready to let go of inhibition, willing to stand up and face opposition?

Wake up, drop your hesitations and move, never questioning what you are unable to prove, for permissions that you don't request, won't reduce the number of endorsements of your quest. Don't hang around at the station, jump on the train to your destination. Take this cue and wait no longer, grow stronger through what you do, since present and future belong both to you.


[Image by Darwin Bell under Creative Commons Attribution License. See the license terms under]

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