Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rational living in 2012: My six wishes for readers

Since just wishing a Happy New Year is rather meaningless, here are my six specific wishes for the readers of my blog:
  1. May you improve your diet and lifestyle in 2012, so that at the end of the year, you look younger than today.
  2. May you increase the income from your job or main occupation by 35%, possibly by making one major change.
  3. May you purchase your first house, if you have never done so, or an additional one for investment purposes, if you already own one house.
  4. May your liquid investment portfolio, in particular your stock-market investments, grow by 20% in the year 2012.
  5. May you meet one or several persons who will exert a major positive influence in your private life or in your career.
  6. May you start a new business, or if you have recently done so, I wish you that your new business attains a positive cash flow in 2012.
And having said that, Happy New Year.


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