Saturday, 30 June 2012

A few things to keep in mind every day

Every morning, it pays to remind ourselves that there is no future in repeating the past. After some time of doing this, the message sinks in and we become more adept to drawing lessons from past mistakes, lessons such as:

* Never expect someone else to solve your problems
* Concentrate on work you love.
* Ignore silly rules and preposterous expectations
* Don't waste your resources

* Mix fun and productivity in every task
* View mistakes as learning experiences
* Drop false ideas that keep you paralysed
* Design your own future and paint your own dreams

* Avoid nasty and deranged individuals
* Delegate as much as you can
* Devote more time to your close friends
* Seek creative alternatives in every situation

* Turn off the news (which are always pretty much the same as the day before)
* Learn to see everything in perspective
* Read your favourite books more frequently
* Park your car and take a long walk

* Spend more time thinking about what's important
* Never expect magic

* Mistrust first impressions and, instead, go for substance
* Pursue your goals relentlessly, despite short-term difficulties

* Prevent problems so that they never happen
* Cook often at home and enjoy wonderful food

* Escape noise, conflict, and nonsense
* Remind yourself that, in the end, time is all you have


[Image by corrieb under Creative Commons Attribution License. See the license terms under]