Saturday, 8 June 2013

Break with your past and start a new life. Thousands of people have done it successfully. These are the steps to take, the decision to make

Millions of people spend their days trying to convince themselves that change is impossible. They feel trapped by their profession, job, spouse, friendships, or financial obligations, to the extent that any attempt at improving their situation seems destined to fail. Time goes by and, after a while, they give up all hope of amelioration.

Break with your past and start a new life

There are many reasons to experience such feeling of being driven by external events. If you look around, you might find some justifications for immobility, but do not let them make you feel powerless. The truth is that, every year, thousands of people throughout the world undertake such fundamental changes. Here are some examples:
  1. Sell their house in the city, move to a village on the coast, and build up a new life there.
  2. Drop out of their current circle of friends from one day to the next and seek out people with other values or interests.
  3. Go through their kitchen, throw away all unhealthy items, and commit to purchase exclusively wholesome food in the future.
  4. Look for a job in a field unconnected to their previous experience.
  5. Buy a bicycle and ride it every day for an hour.
  6. Unplug their television set, throw it away, and never spend another minute watching TV.
  7. Learn a foreign language and find a job in another continent.
  8. Cancel their affiliation to an organization that has been part of their lives for decades and cut off links to former associates.
  9. Liquidate their assets, move to a tax heaven, and change their nationality.
  10. Throw away all tobacco and alcohol that they have at home and never purchase or consume those again.
  11. Start up their own business during evenings and weekends, while keeping their present employment.
  12. Study nutrition, learn to cook, and lose any extra weight that they have accumulated over the years.
  13. Tell your spouse that you want a divorce, move to another place, and start building a new life.

Thousands of people have done it successfully

These cases are not as rare as you may think. People who embrace major personal change come from all walks of life. Middle-aged or old, male or female, they hesitate long until, one day, they make the decision. Their determination to take a new road frequently antagonizes family and friends, who find their old expectations undermined.

It takes enormous courage to embark on this sort of journey. More often than not, what moves individuals to alter essential elements of their existence is the realization of the limited time they have. This may happen as a result of a major illness or simply because they outgrow their previous living conditions.

These are the steps to take, the decision to make

Have you redefined your long-term objectives? What aspects of your life do you wish to improve? Stepping out of our routine and taking a few days to reflect might be the initial step. Are you considering embarking on a major change or taking an unconventional path? Should that be the case, let me wish you a quick and successful transition.

For more information about rational living and personal development, I refer you to my book The 10 Principles of Rational Living


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