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Stress and anxiety are the result of having the wrong priorities. Quick relief for those who want to increase their self-confidence. Keeping your health is the first requirement of personal growth

For the individual, no other asset is as valuable as his health. Money, friendships, and business connections won't help much if your body exceeds the limits of what it can reasonably withstand. Medical services can be purchased, often at a great expense, but they cannot always help.

Stress and anxiety are the result of having the wrong priorities

Maintaining an optimal level of vitality should be one of the main priorities in life, but unfortunately, for many people, it is not. Too much is taken for granted and, after irreversible damage has occurred, little can be done beyond reducing the pain. Prevention is better than cure, in particular, low-cost prevention. 

Stress, anxiety, and sickness are the result of having the wrong priorities. The principles of staying in good shape have been known for centuries, although in the last decades, details have been worked out in many areas. Barring inherited illness and extreme bad luck, the way to an excellent health depends on five factors, namely:
  1. Avoid situations of serious physical danger.
  2. Sleep long enough for your needs.
  3. Do not eat or drink harmful substances.
  4. Choose a sound diet that you can easily follow.
  5. Make sure that you do a minimum of exercise everyday.
Quick relief for those who want to increase their self-confidence

The first aspect is frequently overlooked by wellness experts, but it plays a crucial role in allowing individuals to reach an advanced age in good condition. Combat sports and exotic vacations draw crowds in search of excitement, but they entail risks that cannot be easily averted. Eliminating exaggerated risks from your life is also likely to increase your self-confidence.

Insomnia, when it happens, should be counteracted with natural means. On many occasions, the underlying cause of sleep difficulties are psychological. Peaceful nights frequently return after measures have been adopted to reduce stress, overcommitment, and relationship problems.

Keeping your health is the first requirement of personal growth

We should remind ourselves from time to time that people suffer illness equally for their actions as for their omissions. It is as important to identify what we should eat as what we should refrain from eating. There are countless books on the market about the elements of good nutrition and, if you have not done so already, I encourage you to read a few of them.

For the purpose of enhancing our well-being, exercise does not need to be complicated or costly. Do visit a sauna or swimming pool if that is your choice, but inexpensive habits, such as cycling and walking, are also effective means to keep in shape. If you make the effort to acquire healthy routines, maintaining a good condition will become automatic and you will spare yourself plenty of trouble down the road.


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  1. Health is wealth! I agree that if our body is in a good shape (through proper diet and exercise), we would enjoy a stress free life. Thanks for your post!


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