Saturday, 4 October 2014

Self-empowerment starts when you stop wasting your time

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to waste the rest of your life? Here it is: spend your time searching for things where there aren't. I have also a second formula for squandering your days: spend your time chasing people that are unavailable. The same goes for attempting to travel to places that are not accessible.

Blindness to the obvious truth

We all engage in this kind of pursuits occasionally and that's fine, since no one has perfect knowledge. What is terrifying is when someone persists in trying to pull through an impossible trick. Children do that and so do mice trapped in a maze, but why on earth don't adults know better than that?

The reasons for this type of counter-productive behaviour is unpleasantly ordinary: intellectual laziness. Our desire for comfort and ease often makes us blind to obvious truths. If you want cheap oranges, go to Morocco and not to the airport deli. This straightforward principle, if applied consistently, can bring major improvements to your life. Let us consider three examples:

The Philosophy of Builders
 Don't look for a job in the desert

You might get lucky and find the only opening available, but chances are that you won't. If you labour at the only factory in a small town and the factory closes, don't waste your time hanging around waiting for a miracle. Pack your things, get into your car, and drive to a place where businesses are hiring.

Don't try to sell something where there are no buyers

You would be amazed to see the number of empty houses, apartments, and malls in areas where not that many people live. Real estate developers have wasted fortunes putting up buildings on locations where few people are interested in buying or renting.

Why did they not conduct a thorough market research before investing millions? Who knows, maybe they didn't know any better, but the lesson to be drawn is clear. You should focus your sales efforts on places where there are customers.

When everything  fails, try this 
Don't go to Alaska seeking warm weather

Some people choose to live in places where there is a lousy weather most of the year. There are usually good reasons for doing that, such as cheap housing, low criminality, and abundant job opportunities.

This is not a philosophical issue and you should choose whatever location you like best. My point is that, if you live in a cold area and you happen to love warm weather, your complaining is not going to change anything.

Is a pleasant temperature outside home one of your priorities? If your answer is positive, there are plenty of warm areas on earth to where you can relocate at a reasonable cost. Every minute employed in pursuing the impossible is gone forever, without profit nor joy.

Stay away from barren land

The world is complicated and problematic enough as it is. Attempting to carry out what is obviously unworkable is pointless and does not even make a good hobby. Stay away from barren land and focus your efforts on fruitful fields.

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