Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to turn your life around by embracing rational living

Here is a summary of the questions that I have answered this week:

QUESTION: A young man accosted by many problems wants to turn his life around. 

ANSWER: If you want to turn your life around, you have to start with the basics. First and foremost, you have to completely ignore the doom-and-gloom prophets. No matter where you live, I am sure that you will have plenty of those prophets around. Second, you have to adopt a rational philosophy. This entails a lot of reading good philosophy books, and spending time thinking about what you have read. This process may take a couple of months, but you will be grateful for the time you have invested. The benefits will be large and enduring, your enjoyment of life multiplied.

Protecting your health and your sanity

QUESTION: A man is worried about the spread of an infectious disease and wonders what to do next. 

ANSWER: No, panic is no use. You will do much better if you apply your time and resources to strengthening your immune system and improving your general health. Eat a good diet, drink herbal tea, take vitamins every day. Do not eat harmful food nor drink what is bad for you. A strong immune system is the best defence against infections. This is something that you can do at a low cost, and it is certainly much more effective than worrying and remaining passive.
Rational living, rational working  
QUESTION: A young woman claims to have too many problems that she cannot solve and feels anxious about the future. 

ANSWER: If you have lots of problems and feel anxious about the future, you should choose the most effective approach, which is also the most inexpensive. You need to study philosophy, to learn rational ideas, and discard all contradictions from your life. This is by far the cheapest and most workable method to achieve great results in all areas of your life. Mind you, I am not saying that the process is easy, but it is feasible if you are willing to exert the necessary effort. I cannot emphasize enough the great advantages of acquiring a rational view of the world, and behaving accordingly.

On the path to happiness

QUESTION: A young woman feels so downtrodden that she believes that she has no chance of ever becoming happy. 

ANSWER: If you feel so downtrodden that you believe that you have no chance of ever becoming happy, chances are you are wrong. No matter how bad your situation is, you can improve it if you work persistently and if you focus on your most important problems. In addition, you can speed up your progress if you make the effort to learn about rational philosophy. If you organize the ideas in your head and make sure that they are consistent, you can massively increase your personal efficiency. This can help you a lot to advance on the path to happiness.
Rationality is the way to happiness 

QUESTION: Can you really recover from a horrible situation? 

ANSWER: Yes, you can definitely recover from a horrible situation, but you need to abandon the fantasy of overnight success. If you are really going through difficult times, you have to accept that it is going to take some time to stabilize your situation, regroup your forces, and start improving your situation. The greatest accelerator of personal growth is having a rational philosophy. If you want to improve your life in all areas, you will find it worthy to devote some time to studying rational philosophy, practical ideas that can help you get back on your feet, and find your way in life.

The feeling of having lost everything

QUESTION: What can you do when you have lost everything? 

ANSWER: The first thing to do when you have lost everything is to realize that it is not true. Even people who have lost their jobs, their savings, and their health, can still count on their family and friends to help them out. Even people who are old and must cope with relative poverty, can still benefit from the fact that they live in an industrialized country, where they have access to many services and amenities at a very low cost. The best way to become conscious of your potential is to acquire a rational philosophy. If you want to move forward at a good speed, you first need to discard all inconsistencies in your life, and adopt a rational set of ideas.
The Philosophy of Builders
QUESTION: How can I reduce the levels of stress in my life? 

ANSWER: There comes a point in everybody's life where problems accumulate to such an extent that they seem overwhelming, unbeatable, unsolvable. Stress becomes almost unbearable at that moment, and people lose their capacity to make good decisions. Luckily, the situation can be improved with effort and persistence. No, there are no magical recipes for eliminating stress overnight, but yes, there are ways to win the battle and recover your serenity. The best method by far to regain your peace of mind is to acquire rational ideas, to study rational philosophy, to embrace rational living.

How to overcome irritation

QUESTION: A young man complains about people who make wrong decisions, or who don't bother to acquire any knowledge, and end up creating problems for everybody else. 

ANSWER: It often happens that intelligent individuals feel irritated by other people's behaviour because they regard such behaviour as erroneous, inefficient, or unethical. Paradoxically, such irritation is based on the irrational and wildly unrealistic desire to live in a perfect world, where everybody is wise, well-informed, and benevolent. The best way to overcome such irritation once and for all is to acquire a rational view of the world, to study rational philosophy, to adopt rational living as a way of life. 

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