Sunday, 2 November 2014

Trying harder is not the solution to lack of focus. Are you attempting to do too many things? Are you imposing unnecessary obligations on yourself?

Few things in life are worth more than perspective. Overcharged agendas can push us to a point where we begin to lose direction. As management tool, planning is highly overrated. As personal philosophy, time management will just keep you sedated.

Run away from problems and they'll catch up with you

In periods of low unemployment, when people burned out, doctors used to recommend taking a long vacation. Getting away from everything was considered the ideal means to regain perspective and figure out what is important in life.

Holidays are great, but physical distance for its own sake is a solution that seldom works. Run away from problems and they will catch up with you at night. Try to forget about reality and you will soon experience a loss of vitality.

The truth is that, to gain perspective, human beings don't require physical distance. The result from exotic travel, mental estrangement, won't render our agendas less inconsistent. Peace of mind can be based only on clear ideas and definite objectives.

Orientation comes from definition. Safety arises from prevention. Self-confidence is built on balance. Of course, the problems lie on the opposite side. Fear is made of images that we can't erase. Stress is the certainty of living in a mess, while longing for magic solutions that we don't possess. It is time for a turnaround.

Rationality is the way to happiness
How to move from inefficiency to focus

Most things that we do everyday are routines. How many of those are tuned to serving our long-term objectives? Imagine what you would do if you knew the precise day of your death. Go ahead and fix the date yourself, for instance, your ninetieth birthday.

Count the time that you have left, review your major priorities, and decide how many hours you can afford to waste on non-essential tasks. One thousand? One hundred? What about zero? Become focused in the way you allocate your time. Drop everything that is leading you away from your goals.

Consistency: The key to permanent stress relief
The transition from worry to resilience

On the other hand, you still have lots of time left. There is still plenty that you can achieve, irrespective of difficulties and contingencies. Put your impatience aside and work confidently towards your goals. With a sharp vision and calm persistence, you will be able to reach most objectives on your list. In the worst periods, perspective will feed your resilience; in the best times, your brilliance.

Physical distance and psychological tricks are not the way to gain perspective. Don't allow time management to fill your life with empty commitments. Walking too fast won't do. Walking too slow brings nothing but woe. Let go of excess baggage and advance on your chosen path with serenity. Forget about fashions and rediscover your true desire. Remember that every day, you can build a little higher.

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The 10 Principles of Rational Living