Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Do not pursue personal growth in areas of low opportunity

If you want to waste your life, you just have to devote your days to searching for things where there aren't. A second formula for squandering your resources is to chase people that are unavailable. The same goes for attempting to travel to places that are not accessible.

Ineffective behaviour

We all engage in this kind of pursuits occasionally and that's fine, since nobody possesses perfect knowledge. What is heartbreaking is when someone persists in trying to reach an impossible goal. Children engage in such attempts and so do mice trapped in a maze. Yet, adults should know better than that.

Counter-productive behaviour arises from self-inflicted blindness. We sabotage our interests when we allow our desire for comfort to obscure the truth. If you want cheap oranges, go to Morocco, not to the airport deli.

If you wish to move towards prosperity, take action consistent with reason. This principle, if applied consistently, can bring major improvements to your life. A wise man in search of a job does not go to the desert. If you do that, you might get lucky and find the only opening available, but chances are that you won't.

Imagine that you are working at a factory located in a small town that does not offer other employment possibilities. What should you do if the factory shuts down? You should not waste time hanging around waiting for a miracle. You should pack your things, get into your car, and drive to a place where companies are hiring.

The lesson to be drawn

Choose the easy way to prosperity and do not try to sell products where there are no buyers. Sometimes, you find large numbers of empty houses in a thinly inhabited area. This happened because real estate developers made a wrong calculation and wasted a fortune. Putting up buildings on locations where few people are interested to buy or rent constitutes pure waste. The lesson to be drawn is clear. Focus your efforts on places where there are customers.

Nobody should go to Siberia on holidays seeking warm weather. People who prefer to live in areas where cold temperatures reign most of the year usually have good reasons for doing so, such as cheap housing, low criminality, or specific job opportunities.

Location is not a philosophical issue. A man can choose to live wherever he likes best, but if you happen to love warm weather, Siberia shouldn't be amongst your favourite destinations.

Every minute devoted to pursuing the impossible is gone forever without profit. The world is complicated enough as it is. Attempting to hit unattainable targets is pointless; it does not even make a good hobby. Take the easy way to prosperity. Stay away from barren fields and focus your efforts on fruitful land. 

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