Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to profit from bad breaks

When Everything Fails, Try This
a novel by John Vespasian

When a Belgian industrialist is diagnosed with cancer and told that he doesn't have long to live, he decides to bet his fortune on Prof. Zirkovsky's research. 

He convinces Zirkovsky to quit his teaching position in Brussels and set up a laboratory in Charlerois, a small town, in order to conduct experiments with monkeys. 

When Zirkovsky's research shows the first signs of success, animal-rights activists demand him to abandon his experiments. A series of violent attacks against the lab lead the industrialist to call his insurer, Alfred Grail, a Vietnam veteran living in Switzerland. 

What Alfred Grail will find in Belgium will shake his beliefs and make him change his life.
  1. A problem creates an opportunity
  2. All threats are personal
  3. This is somewhat embarrassing
  4. A feeling of apprehension
  5. The dream of becoming an artist
  6. Fire without smoke
  7. Serious trouble
  8. Mutual dislike at first sight
  9. Running out of time
  10. A walk in the park
  11. Spreading false stories
  12. The return of the little princess
  13. Profiting from bad breaks
  14. A visit to the museum
  15. No longer in charge
  16. A trick with an envelope
  17. Countermeasures
  18. Nothing to be worried about
  19. Out of a job
  20. A better approach
  21. Without the shadow of a doubt
  22. A model citizen
  23. Whatever it takes
When everything fails, try this
a novel by John Vespasian