Thursday, 21 December 2017

Instead of Season's Greetings

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Instead of Season's Greetings,
I am sending you a reminder
to focus on the few things
that'll make your views wider

Instead of merry this and happy that
shun noise, avoid chitchat,
won't you rather take a pause
and let others welcome Santa Claus

In the New Year, you have things to do
more important than trudging blindly
more ambitious than arriving timely;
take the clue, and pursue a breakthrough

Make this Christmas unique
by thinking real hard
about what you will discard
and what you want to be

Days and months will pass,
another year will elapse
and before you know
your whole life might be gone

There is no time to lose
Christmas is no excuse
for pretending life's too hard
to do what needs to be done

Instead of Season's Greetings
I am wishing you strength
to look ahead, stay alert,
and above all, think for yourself

[Image: photograph of classical painting; photo taken by John Vespasian, 2016. 
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