Monday, 4 February 2019

Undisrupted: How highly-effective people deal with disruptions

Is your life running smoothly, always filled with success and happiness? Or do you sometimes face disruptions and periods of chaos? If this is the case, you need the lessons contained in this book:
  • How industrialist Savva Mamontov could have prevented disruption from destroying his life.
  • Why Albert Schweitzer only grew happy and famous after turning his life upside down.
  • The disruptive strategy that enabled Joseph Paxton, a simple gardener, to become wealthy.
  • How it is possible that the all-powerful Knights Templar were wiped out overnight.
  • The method conceived by Abbot Suger in the twelfth century for running projects smoothly.
  • Which variation of positive thinking Emile Coue invented for overcoming disruptions.
This book presents real-life lessons that can massively increase your ability to succeed in the face of disruptions.
An example taken from real life
The type of disruptions you should embrace wholeheartedly
A powerful insight emerges: Kovalevsky's discovery
Do this, and you will avert catastrophic consequences
An unchangeable principle, although so often ignored
A habit that you absolutely need to acquire
Why I am in favour of risk reduction
The zero-risk approach: a model to imitate
Progress will be smoother if you don't force the machine
Disruptions that create opportunities for advancement
The perfect antidote against feelings of dissatisfaction
Surprising decisions will stir up opposition, so what?
When your best option is to turn your life upside down
A resilient lifestyle and its favourable consequences
Negative criticism that has proven unjustified
Countryside quietness can be deceptive and harmful
How people develop unsustainable views
Confusion and disorientation are not heroic
An unstable personality is a recipe for disaster
The delusion of a peaceful, undisturbed life in nature
Beware that not all knowledge is created equal
Listen only to those who offer you a workable approach
Attain general victories by overcoming specific disruptions
Give me real solutions, not statistical data
Why millions of people keep suffering from anxiety
Two talented men, two heavily contrasting results
A relentless focus on existing opportunities
Productiveness as a way of life: the underlying philosophy
Low-cost innovation can make you dramatically stronger
Solid structures and solid routines keep disruptions away
Can you find a way forward despite severe setbacks?
Effective strategies after encountering extreme disruptions
Thriving against all odds in hostile environments
Fell from a flying aeroplane, survived and recovered well
Questionable certainties in the face of disruption
Less vulnerability, fewer disruptions: an illustration
Victory over vulnerability in four simple steps
The art of rendering yourself more resistant to disruptions
Segmentation: a solid strategy you can implement today
How to structure your day, so that it's remarkably strong
A dangerous fallacy that is leading many people stray
The Knights Templar: fierce warriors, easily overturned
Beware of false narratives of prosperity and strength
Overnight demise is a fairy tale for the unwary
Individuals who undermine their own defences
Here is a formula that always works to your advantage
The light touch of the master: no fear, no overreaction
Making good choices in the face of overwhelming pressure
When you are given only ten seconds to save the day
The right way to repair structural damage
A universal method for handling destabilizing factors
This mental trick from the Middle Ages is still working
Kilograms, meters, hours – what do they have in common?
A crash course on error prevention
You don't need to employ more than six elements
How a desperately ill woman turned her life around
The resistance to acknowledging past errors
A decisive step towards a new life
Taking a close look at faith healing
Here is a variation of positive thinking that really works
Learning to look beyond bits and pieces of information
Ingredients of a lifestyle that keeps disruptions at bay
How to perceive signals well in advance
Accepting the drawbacks of simplicity and speed
Eight preventive measures against disruption
Discard ideas that are keeping you weak and vulnerable
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