Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blogging is the new frontier of show business

The first time that you try to install a new computer and it does not work, you tend to believe that you have made a mistake. You read the instructions again and, if it fails a second time, doubt begins to creep in. Is this just an installation problem? After a third unsuccessful attempt, you conclude that there is something seriously wrong with the hardware.

When it comes to blogging, experience follows a similar pattern. If you read books or articles on the subject, you will soon learn about the “principles of successful blogging.” Those precepts have been put together by top-ranking bloggers who wish to tell the rest of us what we should and shouldn't do.

Let me save you hours of your precious time. Allow me to tell you the truth and spare you some disappointments. Reality can be hard, but it is still the best learning tool we have. This is the summary of the little knowledge that I have acquired through my own experience in blogging:

1.- NOBODY KNOWS ENOUGH. Few bloggers have been around for long. Can anyone provide insight into what millions of people around the world want to read everyday? Forget about so-called rules and write the sort of content that you love to read yourself. The world is big. There are people like you out there. Let them find you.

2.- IMITATION DOES NOT WORK. Look at the blogs of so-called experts. Do you really like their content? Would you feel proud if that was your own blog? Discard plans of becoming anyone other than yourself. You are an individual. You are special. Write about what you like. Tell your own stories.

3.- THIS IS A WHOLE NEW GAME. If the rules of successful blogging are well established, why are traditional media unable to conquer the field? How come that they have achieved so poor results? Ask yourself why no traditional writer has become a major blogger. If you read blogs, you already know the answer to these questions. Blogging is still unexplored territory. It is a world of total access and total privacy that has little to do with the past.

4.- BLOGGING IS SHOW BUSINESS. It is a show that takes place on the fringe of reality. It is a business that is still searching for successful patterns. You can enter the field for free and you can be ousted by silence. This is the only form of global entertainment that happens in real time and generates immediate response. It is extreme show business where stars fall quick and hard. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, you will find blogging irresistible.

Don't tell yourself that you have misunderstood the rules, since there are hardly any. Don't fear being criticized for doing things your own way, since there are no loyalties you can betray. Blogging is the new land of freedom and tolerance. Bring along the best you have, show others what you can, and become the leader of your own clan.

[Text: http://johnvespasian.blogspot.com]

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