Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The way of self-reliance (Part 2 of 3)

1. Ongoing activities will be put on hold waiting for redress that might or might not come, but will sure not happen today. Life goes on and indignation keeps you focused on the past. Anger prevents you from using your hours in the best possible way.

2. Your expectations of obtaining reparation will often be unrealistic. Even if you possess all the good arguments in the world, your claim might have to face indifference and contempt, inefficiency and nepotism. Your resources will be exhausted and your patience eroded.

3. Most people do not care and few will even make the effort to listen, let alone understand what you are saying. Thinking in principles requires substantial mental concentration. Unless someone is already used to abstract reasoning, his perception of your story will not go beyond unconnected details.

4. The financial and personal cost of pursuing old claims can be extremely high. Stress, preoccupation, uncertainty, fees, and deposits will eat up your savings and weaken your health. Would you not rather use your energies for better purposes?

To be continued in Part 3

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