Monday, 13 December 2010

The essential entrepreneurial dilemma (Part 4 of 4)

That assumption proved catastrophically wrong, since with the passage of time, all other works of Aristotle have been irrecoverably lost. The last copies of those other Aristotle's manuscripts may have burned down in the fire of the Alexandrian Library, together with many other writings of Antiquity.

In our days, few students realize that, when they study Aristotle's ideas, they are mostly relying on Andronicus of Rhodes as historical source. In fact, a good part of what we consider Aristotle's works might have been written by Andronicus himself or by one of his colleagues in the Lyceum.

Had Andronicus not undertaken the arduous task of editing and compiling dozens of disparate manuscripts written by Aristotle, later centuries would have taken a different path, no doubt, for the worse. As it frequently happens, one man's long-term vision changed the course of History.


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