Friday, 24 October 2014

When it comes to personal development, rational ideas constitute the best tool

Opportunities are created every minute that news report a further deterioration of the economy. All sort of assets can now be bought at discounted prices.

Shares of excellent companies are on sale and pay a high dividend. Rental properties are on sale and it is still possible to get a mortgage at a reasonable rate. A two-week holiday to Greece has not been cheaper for a long time. Hundreds of small businesses are now also for sale.

Looking for a job? It is the ideal time to accept a package of shares (or other incentives) instead of a cash salary. Want to buy something and do not have money? Try bartering other items or services. There are plenty of opportunities around. Don't be afraid of the economic crisis. Relentless initiative, good sense, and a thick skin against pessimism will get you through bad times with flying colours.

Rational living, rational working
Passion requires resilience

Starting a new business? The passion to turn a product or service into a commercial success is the essential factor that determines the future of a new enterprise. Mistakes are inevitable, no matter how old and experienced the entrepreneur. This is why passion requires flexibility and resilience.

Is the selling price too high or too low? Are the distribution channels adequate for the product? Should the packaging be improved? What happens if we run out of money? To all these and other questions, the relentless passion of the entrepreneur is already weighing alternative answers.

Ideas are precious and constitute the basis of civilization. Without the concepts of free trade, freedom of speech, and human rights, our standard of living would rapidly collapse to medieval levels. Product development, production, distribution, and marketing are based on ideas. Entrepreneurship is nothing but a sustained vision driving the transformation of existing resources into more valuable products of services.

Rationality is the way to happiness
Lack of capital won't stop the dream

It is only new ideas that will take you forward, personally or professionally. Closed doors reflect fear of change. Keep you door open to new concepts and ideas. Some of them will be wrong and others will be annoying, but a few will bring about breakthrough improvements.

Lack of capital won't stop the dream, nor lack of contacts, nor massive ridicule. History shows the same story again and again. Scepticism does not need to turn to discouragement. Resistance and difficulties do not need to hit the ship under the waterline. Determination is the essential factor. Let it carry the day.

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The 10 Principles of Rational Living