Saturday, 2 May 2020

ASYMMETRY - eleventh book by John Vespasian

If you have not yet attained the desired results in your life, this book is for you. If you want to find shortcuts to achieving more with less effort, this book will teach you:
  • How a disoriented man like Philip Neri became extraordinarily successful
  • What Mozart should have done to grow wealthy instead of working himself to death
  • How the Count of St Germain made strides in his career by simply keeping his eyes open
  • What healers like Rembert Dodoens are teaching us about asymmetry
  • Hannibal's method for finding shortcuts in situations where he was vastly outnumbered.
This book presents practical lessons for finding shortcuts to a better life, solid strategies to bring your results to a higher level.



1. Wishful thinking is slowing you down 

A lethal addiction, packaged and sold as a virtue
Why human beings love harmful fairy tales
The irresistible appeal of meaningless pursuits
Do you want to avoid psychological discomfort?
The puppet theatre behind stress, anxiety and depression

2. When your heroes turn out to be your enemies

The most popular recommendations don't work
What's causing so much fear and gloominess
It is so easy to forget the only strategy that helps
Even highly talented people tend to make a mess
How to avoid ineffective behaviour

3. So much noise, so much stagnation

Don't view short-term constraints as long-term impairments
A warning sign that you are going in the wrong direction
Workable strategies where no action seems possible
Beware of narratives that make stagnation look good
A hundred little truisms cannot shape a winning strategy

4. Wasted efforts due to linear expectations

Fast progress depends on broken lines
Turning a chain of failures into uncontested success
It's time to explore unorthodox ideas
Steer away from decisions that keep you running in circles
A method for identifying promising shortcuts

5. Don't let laboriousness render you blind

The trap of pursuing too many opportunities
Why a great genius ended up as an astonishing failure
A flawed logic that is making people dysfunctional
Shortcuts can deliver outstanding success at every stage
Optimal strategies require conscious selectivity

6. Putting the odds in your favour

Why impossible fantasies enjoy widespread popularity
Are you following a deadly wrong strategy?
The idea behind an approach that always works
A quicker method for getting things done
Here is a path you can walk confidently

7. What enables lions to catch zebras

Unusual steps towards remarkable achievements
How to gain access to vast opportunities
Impressive progress after fifteen years of failure
You don't need to get all elements right
In search of universal accelerators of success

8. Signposts pointing to a solution

What you can do to increase your alertness
Find explanations, discover opportunities
The productive way to face difficult situations
How to turn contradictions into well-integrated narratives
Prevent mistakes by using this verification approach

9. The invisible pillar that sustains achievement

Great results at a fraction of the cost
Why creativity is massively overrated
The danger of endless alternatives
A lesson drawn from twenty-five centuries of debates
Relieve heavy burdens by means of simple shortcuts

10. If you are stuck, here is what to do

Widespread acceptance doesn't mean effectiveness
Creating opportunities in unpromising situations
Forty-six years looking for the key factors in success
Shortcuts that increase your chances of winning
A streamlined formula for high achievement

11. How causality takes care of coincidences

Good shortcuts are unemotional
Ignore propaganda and look for tangible results
The delusion of immediate victory
A recurring pattern you'll see in unlikely success
Common characteristics of effective shortcuts

12. The paradox of unequal value

A severe mistake that seems like a good idea
Two fundamental alternatives everybody is facing
How to spare yourself unnecessary trouble
Turning ignorance and uncertainty into prosperity
A breathtaking example

13. Victory is easy if you choose the right angle

Narrowing down your choices to obvious winners
Keep using a formula that always works
Circumstances change, but principles remain the same
From high abstractions to specific applications
An entry point leading to maximum effectiveness

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